South Oz Rods - Shop 5, 73 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens, S.A. Owner: Rob Wilson. Phone: 08 8261 5455.

A really good reason to get a custom stick built.

With over 20 years experience, custom rods built by Rob Wilson are guaranteed to carry you through many years of tackling the big, the small and everything in between.

Rob uses only proven rod building components from some of the best rod equipment suppliers in the world today. Companies like Fuji, Sabre, Samurai, Snyder, Pacific Composites & Gudebrod to name a few. Having your next project built by Rob Wilson, using all top shelf components will ensure that you have a superior, long lasting and tough product.

Even some of the best Charter Operators in South Australia like Sam Madonna of Sam's Far West Coast Fishing Tours get their rods built by Rob Wilson - and out west, 65lb Samsons, 90lb Mulloway and 50lb tuna are the norm, not the exception. Sam prefers Sabre and along with many of his customers has the photos to prove that a custom built South Oz Rod has what it takes.

Rob has a large range of "recipe rods" built and designed by top anglers for top anglers. These tried and proven custom sticks evolve as the materials change but the fundamentals remain the same.

South Oz Rods
South Oz Rods

Rob's Rod Recipe Rack:

Rod NameRod TypeLengthRating
Islander 1Whiting/Snapper6'6"6-8kg
Islander 2Whiting/Snapper6'6"6-8kg OH
Feather WeightWhiting/Lure/Squid6'2-3kg
Ocean KingSnapper/Tuna6'6"8-15kg
Spinner BaitWhiting/Bream7'3-6kg
Snapper HeadSnapper6'6"6-10kg
Happy Rod 1Whiting/Bream/Mulloway7'6"3-6kg
Happy Rod 2Whiting/Bream/Mulloway7'6"3-6kg OH
Bream'nVery Light Bream8'3-4kg

Rod blanks come in a range of styles and colours. For example, Sabre is well known for their mustard colour blanks but they also do Black and Dark Blue in the EG series. The GF series is available in mustard and grey graphite. Samurai series blanks are available as Carbon Fibre or Graphite/Fibreglass Composite. It is best to speak to Rob for what blank best suits your style of fishing so that you can get the best and most appropriate for your project.

To Summarise.

In keeping with the high level of product quality Rob Wilson tries hard to maintain, all rods are built by default using the following...

  • Graphite, carbon fibre and composite blanks from companies like Sabre, Snyder and Samurai.
  • Quality rod guides like the well proven Fuji are used unless you ask for something different.
  • All under and over binding thread used comes from the world renown Gudebrod.