South Oz Rods - Shop 5, 73 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens, S.A. Owner: Rob Wilson. Phone: 08 8261 5455.

Rod Repairs

South Oz Rods has seen it all. Even the popular brands of rods, many with a lot of dollars attached, have had to be repaired.

From reel seats that twist on the blank through poor construction or poor glueing right down to guides simply falling off. What about the thread on the bindings peeling away from the blank or the epoxy cracking and exposing the thread to the elements.

And of course, what angler hasn't broken a guide or two, snapped a rod or the tip in the pursuit of that once in a lifetime fish?

We do rod repairs, guide repairs/replacement, complete rebuilds, epoxy finishes, rod revamping and rod revarnish.

All you need to do is bring your rod to us and let us first see if it is able to be fixed.

If it can be done ... we're the people to do it!

Photo of Rob fishing.

Reel Repairs & Servicing

A little TLC goes a long way. You've spent top dollars for top gear and a little grease and a cleanout every now and again is usually all that is needed. But you might shudder a little (like badly serviced drag washers) if you knew how many anglers don't bother to do the most basic of reel servicing! We mentioned on the home page that we've seen some absolute shockers and believe me, we have! Top shelf overhead reels and spinning reels were never meant to go swimming, particularly in salt water. No lubrication on your hard working gear is the quickest way to needing a new reel.

So if you're the kind that likes to make your reels work extra hard (read, no servicing at all) then you'll be glad to know that we can get and keep them running, in fact it's one of our specialities.

From complete strip downs to drag replacement using the latest washers right down to making parts that might not be available anymore like bail arms and springs, handles etc. Don't throw them away too quickly - see us first!

Mind you, there are lots of serious anglers, like some of our charter boat clients that simply do not have time to be stripping gear down on the job. We specialise in keeping their reels fully serviced in between sessions so that repairs aren't necessary. It's called preventative maintenance!

South Oz Rods knows that many anglers can't get to Adelaide often enough to keep the reels serviced and functioning properly so we have provision for accepting posted items. Simply bundle up your reel in a nice sized box and post it to us. When the jobs done, we'll arrange payment with you and send it back via post. Of course, don't forget to include a return address!